About Expo East

Some Facts About Expo East

Expo East is the largest promotional products trade show in the Northeast. Held every year in Atlantic City in June, this highly anticipated, industry-renowned event offers an impressive showcase of opportunities for veterans and newcomers to the promotional products industry. Expo East brings the business-building tools of education, networking, and the hottest-selling products together all under one roof to make it easier for you to grow your business.


Top reasons to attend:

  • Increase Your Supplier Contact Base
  • Meet The Needs Of Your Corporate Client Base
  • Gain Industry Knowledge And Build Credit For Your Industry Certification
  • Learn About Award Winning Promotional Products
  • Gain Ideas On the Industry’s Best Marketing Campaigns
  • Stay Up To Date On The Latest Industry Technologies And Trends
  • Experience Hands-On Demos Of The Latest Products, Technologies & Equipment
  • Preview End Of Year And Back To School Projects
  • Save On Travel Costs By Meeting With Your Partners, Suppliers And Clients In One Place

Who Can Attend


Expo East DISTRIBUTOR badge registration is open to SAAGNY distributor members, PPAI distributor members and any qualified industry distributors with a valid PPAI Associate number (formerly UPIC).


Expo East EXHIBITOR badge registration is open to contracted exhibitors.

PPAI Associate, Non-Member Distributor Qualification

Your company can automatically qualify (upon verification) to attend the show, if you are a member of SAAGNY or PPAI, Regional Association member, Adventures in Advertising Franchisee, Proforma Franchisee, Distributor member of DistributorCentral, or a SAGE subscriber. You may also qualify if you are an ASI subscriber, but you must provide documentation.  If you do not meet any of the above qualifying criteria, depending on your company category, you can qualify by providing the following:

  • Either provide three invoices from three different promotional product suppliers for at least $100 each (not for samples) dated within the last twelve months, or be sponsored by at least three members of PPAI. Sponsorships must be in writing.
  • Be in the promotional products industry for at least three months.
  • Have a promotional products annual sales volume of at least $15,000.

Qualifying materials can be emailed to membership@ppai.org or faxed to our membership department at 972-258-3007 Attn: PPAI Associate. Once our membership department has verified your qualifying materials meet the above mentioned criteria, you will receive an email letting you know your PPAI Associate account is activated.

Supplier Qualification

Suppliers must be exhibiting at Expo East or be members of SAAGNY or PPAI in order to gain access to the show floor.  Supplier and Business Service Members not exhibiting at Expo East may register and attend free education for no additional cost.  Supplier and Business Service Members not exhibiting at Expo East wanting to gain access to the exhibit hall floor must pay $250 per registration badge.

Multi-Line Reps

Multi-Line Reps must be members of SAAGNY or PPAI in order to register with their company name.

Nonmember Multi-Line Reps must register under one or all of the companies they will be representing at Expo East in order to attend.

No One Under Age 16

No one under the age of 16, is allowed access to the show floor, education seminars or events of The PPAI Expo, Expo East or other PPAI Events during installation/move-in, show days and dismantle/move-out periods. Evidence of age must be presented upon request. Violators of this policy will be asked to leave the event or applicable area.

Registration & Attendance Rules


Expo East is an industry trade event open to SAAGNY and PPAI association members who are current in payment of dues and to officials of nonmember firms who qualify and whose names are placed on the Admittance List. Expo East is closed to the general public, to nonmember Suppliers who are not exhibiting, to unauthorized personnel of Distributor firms and to users of Promotional Products.

Distributors may register authorized personnel to attend all days of the Exposition. Sales Representatives (whether employees or independent contractors) may register only with their firm’s principal’s approval. Individuals under the age of 16 will not be admitted during move-in, show days or move-out. At Expo East each member Distributor firm is entitled to register at no charge, an unlimited number of registrants.

Supplier and Business Services Members not exhibiting at Expo East 2019 may register and attend free education for no additional cost. Supplier and Business Services Members not exhibiting at Expo East 2019 wanting to gain access to the exhibit hall floor must pay $250 per registration badge.

Any member who transmits or gives a member badge to a nonmember or to unauthorized personnel of member or nonmember firms or registers for admission such a person may be assessed $500 for each violation. If an exhibitor or any member of his staff give or transmits an exhibitor badge to a nonmember or to unauthorized personnel of member or nonmember firms or registers for admission such a person, the exhibitor may be assessed $500 for each such violation and may forfeit space priority for future PPAI Events.
PPAI reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone without cause or explanation. PPAI reserves the right to remove any attendee or exhibitor from the show without cause or explanation (no refunds will be given) and refused admittance into future PPAI events.

PPAI Associate, Non-Member Attendance and Fees

Firms that are qualified PPAI Associate (formerly UPIC subscribers) may attend Expo East. Regional, International Association Members and Industry Subscriber Distributor Members may attend at no charge. Nonmember distributors (non-regional/international association distributor member and industry subscriber distributor) may register to become a PPAI Associate and attend at no charge by submitting to PPAI three invoice copies/letters of reference for $100 (merchandise, not samples) dated within the last twelve (12) months from three promotional products suppliers. The Association reserves the right to further investigate the attendance of nonmember firms and/or refuse admittance. PPAI Associate education pass is available for $70 and covers all 3-days of the event. 

Education Tickets & Policies

Expo East offers 30 education sessions during the three-day event. The majority of sessions are free to all PPAI members and select regional members (CPPA, SAAGNY, NEPPA, PAPPA, TRASA and VAPPA). If you are not a PPAI member or member of the regionals mentioned above, you can still take advantage of all the education opportunities by purchasing The PPAI Associate Education Ticket. For $70, you can access all the same free education sessions available to PPAI members. Paid sessions are not included.

You can purchase your PPAI Associate Education Ticket by adding it during registration by selecting PPAI Associate Education Ticket and submitting your payment. 


Please note all sessions will allow pre-registration which will add to your confirmation page, however it does not secure a seat in the session. Seating is on a first-come, first served basis based on the building fire code. 

Escorted Exposition Tour

Representatives of nonmember firms interested in becoming members may be accorded an escorted tour of Expo East. Applications for such a tour should be made to the PPAI Expositions Department prior to Expo East 2019.

Business / Social Events

Exhibitors, organizations, and participating registrants shall not hold business or social functions to which Distributors and/or Franchisers are invited during official exhibit hours or during any other PPAI event. Only exhibitors in good standing and authorized distributor members of PPAI are permitted to host a hospitality function at the Atlantic City Convention Center or in an official hotel. PPAI Show Management MUST approve all requests for a hospitality suite or public function space in advance. 

Solicitation of Goods and Services

Only those firms registered at Expo East as Exhibitors (member and nonmember) may solicit their goods and services. Specifically, non-exhibiting suppliers, guests and members of the press are prohibited from soliciting business during the Exposition. Violation of this rule can lead to immediate removal from Expo East 2019 and non admittance into future PPAI events. 

Wheeled Vehicles

All attendees are welcome to utilize wheeled carts or cases to carry their catalogs and other materials collected at the show. The carts or cases may only have two wheels with a wheelbase of no more than 12" from outside wheel to outside wheel. Collection boxes on carts can be no wider than the cart, or larger than 15" in any dimension. STROLLERS, DRUMS WAGONS OR BARRELS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE SHOW FLOOR! PPAI reserves the right to remove any cart or case from the show floor at its discretion. 

Taping & Photography

All programs, meetings, sessions, seminars, trade shows and other events sponsored by PPAI are the exclusive property of PPAI and no one is permitted to record or reproduce such events, aurally or visually, by motion pictures, videotape recording, audio cassette recording or by any other means for commercial purposes without the express written consent of PPAI. The rule does not prohibit videotaping or other visual or aural recordings by an exhibitor of PPAI trade shows made entirely within the booth space leased by that exhibitor. In order to not interfere with normal show proceedings, all recordings done outside an exhibitor’s own booth shall be done prior to or after exhibit hours; any special expenses generated to be borne by the proponents/exhibitors. 

Photography and/or videotaping of any display or product other than an exhibitor’s own is prohibited, unless written permission has been obtained from PPAI and the firm whose booth is being photographed/videotaped.

Consent to Use of Photographic Images - Registration and attendance at, or participation in Expo East or any association meetings or events constitutes an agreement by the registrant to fully consent to PPAI’s use and distribution (both now and in the future) of the registrant’s or attendee’s image or voice in photographs, videotapes, electronic reproductions, and audiotapes of such events and activities.

Assumption of Risk

You assume any and all risks occurring before, during or after any PPAI or SAAGNY event held in conjunction with Expo East, including injury by any cause. You release PPAI, SAAGNY and its respective affiliates, agents and employees, from any related claims.

Amendment to Regulations

Exhibitor and attendees shall observe and abide by any additional reasonable regulations made by PPAI, its officers and employees for efficient and safe operation of Expo East. All regulations outlined in this document will remain in effect during the entire event. In addition to these regulations, those outlined in the Exhibit Space Application and Contract (for exhibitors only) will be in effect and enforced.

Any and all matter not specifically covered by either of these documents shall be subject solely to the judgment of PPAI, and may be amended at any time.

Violation of Rules & Regulations

A member who violates any of these rules and regulations is subject to an assessment of $500 for each violation and/or forfeiture of space priority for future Expo East's. Repeated violation may result in loss of the right to exhibit or attend Expo East.


Full Expo East 2019 Show Rules & Regulations

To see the full list of the Expo East 2019 Show Rules and Regulations, click here.