Expo East 2015 FAQ


What is Expo East?

Expo East is an East Coast promotional products trade show, the result of a strategic alliance formed between the Specialty Advertising Association of Greater New York (SAAGNY) and the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). The goal of Expo East is to 1) deliver the show experience industry attendees have come to expect at The PPAI Expo in Las Vegas to the East Coast, 2) better serve both SAAGNY and other regional associations’ members and 3) engage an underserved market of new and existing PPAI members.

What is ISS?

The Imprinted Sportswear Show is the largest trade show dedicated to the decorated apparel industry. The Imprinted Sportswear Show in Atlantic City features an expo show floor with more than 200 exhibitors in the decorated apparel industry. Attendees can view embroidery equipment demonstrations, digitizing, custom-ready blank apparel and all the supplies needed to create unique designs on clothing. The ISS Atlantic City show has the most embroiderers of all ISS shows. Embroidery has long held a strong presence in the Northeast and the attendee participation in this area is evident. The show also features screen printing equipment demonstrations from a variety of vendors during show hours.

What does the Expo East co-location with ISS mean for the Expo East show?
The co-location means exhibitors can expect a new and larger audience while distributors can expect a group of dedicated professionals who are eager to share their ideas of innovation and stories of success.

What is the attendee profile of ISS?

The overwhelming majority of ISS attendees are decorators, both embroiderers and screen-printers. A small percentage of buyers for store-front retailers also attend.

Will the Expo East and ISS shows be combined into one show?
Expo East and ISS will exist next to each other while each maintaining their own show identities and branding. A seamless transition between the two shows will be provided to make it easy for the attendees to visit each show.

Have PPAI and ISS co-located shows in previous years?
PPAI and ISS produced two co-located shows in 2008. At that time, many barriers made it difficult for the shows to coexist. The shows did succeed, however, in introducing new audiences to each other. We are confident this co-location will be much more successful.

What are the dates for Expo East in 2015?
Expo East will have completely new dates in 2015. Thursday, March 12 will be education day. The show floor will be open Friday, March 13, Saturday, March, 14 and Sunday, March 15. Expo East is evolving into an event with significantly more opportunities for everyone who attends.

Why did PPAI decide to move the dates?

Expo East will take place in March in order to provide East Coast members with an earlier jumpstart to the year. The date change will help solidify Expo East’s position as the premier industry trade show on the East Coast.

Why will Expo East take place over a weekend?
Moving Expo East to a weekend will allow attendees to capitalize on their time spent in the office during the week, when they must take advantage of crucial selling opportunities. The new format is positioned to increase the overall size of Expo East in the coming years.

Will there be an increase in housing rates due to the new dates?
Expo East organizers have a strong relationship with established housing partners and have negotiated competitive rates in multiple hotel properties on behalf of attendees.

Will there be plenty of parking for Expo East?

Expo East organizers are working with the City of Atlantic City for additional parking and increased shuttle service.

Who do I contact if I have questions about Expo East?

PPAI–1.888.I.AM.PPAI or www.ppai.org


Who can attend Expo East?

SAAGNY members, PPAI members, ISS attendees and all UPIC qualified distributors may attend.

Will the introduction of ISS attendees increase competition?
The overwhelming majority of ISS attendees are decorators. Many also sell promotional products. PPAI’s goal will be to educate these decorators on the industry-accepted standards and selling models. The introduction of this new market is beneficial to continue growing and evolving the industry as a whole.

Will Atlantic City be the host city for Expo East 2015?

Yes. Atlantic City’s central location, new hotels, vivid entertainment and direct flights play an increasingly important role in the development of Expo East.

Do I need to attend both The PPAI Expo and Expo East?
The two shows are strategically timed to offer a unique opportunity to leverage regional sales opportunities. Our goal is to create compelling events which companies won’t want to miss.

Will Expo East have product pavilions similar to those at The PPAI Expo in Las Vegas?

Yes. Expo East will offer the brand., Top Sellers, Made in USA, Green Products and Express Ship pavilions. 


How do purchase exhibitor space for Expo East 2015?
Access the
Expo East 2015 Contracts.

Why is Expo East 2015 a three-day show?

Providing a longer show in addition to the ISS partnership will increase the amount of Expo East attendees, which means an increase in the amount of exposure your brand will receive. 

Are ISS attendees familiar with the promotional products industry?

Expo East will offer targeted education opportunities to introduce the power of promotional products to ISS attendees who are not yet familiar with the industry. These programs have proven successful at introducing new attendees to the Expo experience.

What other benefits are there to the exhibitor?
Exhibitors will receive a larger trade show audience while not having to worry about attending an extra show.