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Power Luncheon: The Future Of Social Media For Sales Professionals

with Crystal Washington

In a time when technology doubles every 18 months, corporate professionals want to not only understand current technology but get ahead of the curve to remain innovative! With the majority of Americans using some form of social media, chances are, your prospects are there too. Powerful Google search functions paired with sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter make prospecting and relationship building easier and cold-calling a thing of the past! In this talk, Crystal will show you how to use technology for prospecting, gaining referrals, and inbound marketing!

Track: Marketing & Advertising

Where: 412, Level 4

When: Monday 6/12/2017 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Session Fees

Member Fee: $20.00

Nonmember Fee: $40.00

MAS: 1 points

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